4 Reasons to Use an STD Testing Kit

7 July 2021
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All sexually active people should test regularly for sexually transmitted diseases, but the awkwardness of attending a clinic can cause many people to put off testing. An STD home testing kit can make the process easy and straightforward, giving you control over your own sexual health. Here are four ways in which you could benefit from using an STD test kit.

1. Test at Your Own Convenience

Getting an appointment with your doctor or local sexual health clinic is not always easy. You might have to take time off work to fit in with the clinic's opening hours. Using a home testing kit for STDs allows you to perform the test at a time that suits you.

2. Avoid Awkwardness

Many people feel shy about the idea of having a sexual health check-up with their doctor or at a clinic. While there is really no reason to feel embarrassed, if you find that the fear of baring all to a stranger is causing you to delay getting tested, then the best solution is to use an STD testing kit to take charge of the matter. You can test yourself for a range of common sexually transmitted infections without having to challenge your sense of modesty or face down a medical phobia.

3. Get Accurate Results

Some people assume that the only way to get an accurate answer to the question of whether they have an STD is to visit a doctor. In fact, STD testing kits can be just as reliable as long as you follow the instructions carefully. They can help you to put your mind at ease, reassure a new sexual partner that you do not have any STDs, or let you know about an infection so that you can get it treated.

4. Protect Your Privacy

If you live in a small town, attend the same GP as many of your friends or family members, or have a nosy boss who wants to know why you need time off work, then you might worry that booking yourself in for an STD test could result in your privacy being compromised. No such concern exists when you use an STD testing kit to perform the test in your own bedroom or bathroom. The kits arrive in plain packaging and the results are confidential, so there is no need to worry about the possibility of your privacy being violated.

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